Success Stories

Rails Girls Berlin “Wall of Fame”

This is a series of interviews with women, that have successfully made their way into coding.
Check out their stories, get inspired!


The biggest obstacle is at the same time sometimes a motivating one: there is a lot to learn and there is always more. So the first step is to make learning a habit. You will always learn new things so it is crucial that you don’t discourage yourself if you don’t know something. You just have to learn it.

Linda Bergen

I was unhappily working in marketing which was not intellectually stimulating enough for me. I need to be challenged, and to be able to learn something every day. This is what is rewarding for me in a job.

Carla Drago

Once I was working in the digital industry I understood quickly that I wanted the skills developers had, so that I could build the things that they could.

Lucie Höhler

Sometimes, it feels like I’m getting paid to solve puzzles! Which is great. Programming is creative, requires an eye for detail and gets me in this state of mind where not a lot things can distract me. Also it opens up a way to work together with others on a task that I never experienced in any other kind of work. It’s like thinking together.


People can very easily kill your motivations but the truth is: it’s never too late, you are never too old to learn something new, do something completely different or something you thought is out of your league. Chances are high it’s within range!

Carolina Garcia

Just do it!, it's empowering, helps understanding the world we are in, its fun and its needed, specially to develop free software tools with a social impact.

Sabine Geithner

However, the women I saw coming to programming to one of the Rails Girls workshops and who continued learning and eventually started junior positions were an inspiration for me.

Laura Laugwitz

…especially the tech industry has a responsibility to ensure that we don’t leave marginalized groups behind. I love that there in an awareness about it in the Berlin Ruby community and I am positive that this will spread to many other communities as well.

Tam Eastley

I figured I’d go to the workshop, pick up a few programming tips, and get going! This of course didn’t happen, but it opened up a whole new world to me.

Bettina Shzu-Juraschek

I love that I create the future. One of my heroes Alan Kay has said: „The best way to predict the future is to invent it.


However, if we want to reflect our diverse world its extremely important for women to be present in developer teams and in communities where technical and political decisions are made. Building a strong, trusted and solidary network can help a lot.

Laura Wadden

I needed an environment of welcoming people and people who were also trying to learn to program. My first workshop was MAGIC!!!

Nina Breznik

Don’t be afraid. Remember that all you know by now (whatever the field) is what you learned. And same is with coding. You can learn everything. You just have to keep moving 🙂 If there is will, there will always be the way too.

Maren Heltsche

There is much magic in coding. That will motivate you! But you have to understand how this magic works. This is a lot of learning but it is also a lot of fun!

Birgit Pohl

It is a long way to learn a language and it is the same for a programming language. Don’t just learn it like learning vocabularies, but always use the language to exercise it.

Lisa Valentin

I was a bit scared that I would not be a good intern as I only had a tiny bit of experience with HTML and CSS and had never really programmed something by myself. But this turned out to be not the case!

Anita Jaszewska

I made my choice sitting in front of a bar, having a beer, with those people who inspired me so much. The only thought I had was: If they could do it, I can do it as well!