Rails Girls Berlin Hackday February 2014

You need time to work on your project and someone around who can answer your questions? Brilliant! We have something for you!

Join our Rails Girls Berlin Hackday on 15.2.2014

What is a hackday?
We will provide you a room and coaches.
Bring your project you are working on, your ruby-related topic you are actually learning, your questions.
Form groups and work together. There will be no program just time for hacking.

I am a beginner. Can I attend?
Beginners are welcome. But please be aware that this is no regular beginners workshop!
It might be helpful, if you have at least *some* coding experience or concrete topics you are already learning.
If you want to get the „Rails Girls“ workshop experience, please attend one of our beginners workshops. You can find the next dates on our website.

When? February 15th, 10 am – 6 pm
Where? 5th floor at co-up
Application deadline: February 7th
Confirmation: February 10th
As space is limited, please do only apply if you are sure you can make it!
Lunch: We want to have a buffet, so bring something for you and something to share.

Apply now!