You gave us wings – EuRuKo we are coming

WOW! Just wow! We did it! In under two hours we crowdfunded our trip to EuRuKo!
DankeDankeDanke to all of you who supported us and made our dream come true.
We are going to EuRuKo! You gave us wings!

This pledgie campaign to send us to the Ruby conference EuRuKo in Amsterdam was our first time ever in using crowdfunding and we are blown away from the success. Not only did you help us pay for our trip, you even donated some more money, which we will use to show up on other conferences! YEHAA! Get ready for some Berlin Rails Girls, mixing up your events!

Thank you so much for making this happen!

Millions of Dankedankedankeschöns goes to the lovely:

Mathias Meyer (@roidrage), who not only wrote the @riakhandbook was the cutest best sad panda we’ve ever seen and
Sven Fuchs (@svenfuchs) who supported Rails Girls /Berlin from the very beginning as a wonderful coach and gave a talk that moved our hearts. They both work at TravisCI, a wonderful hosted continuous integration service for the open source community.

Gregory Brown from @practicingruby
He is the author of Ruby Best Practices and founder of Mendicant University and we will try our best to bring EuRuKo to life here for him, since he lives across the big ocean far far away from Ams.

Patrick Huesler (@phuesler) from Huesler Informatik, a swiss Software development and consulting firm, wich he founded and owns. They specialized in – of course! the best language ever – Ruby! Wohoo.

Robin Mehner (@rmehner), a Berlin based web developer and entrepreneur. He helps to organise the Berlin JavaScript, Berlin PHP and up.front frontend development usergroups.

Thilo (@freaklikeme) von @co_up, one of best co-working spaces ever! He and Alex supported Rails Girls Berlin from the beginning by putting a roof over our head and they both were great coaches at our workshops.

Mathias Kutzner (@mathiaskutzner) proud father, Director IT at Team Europe and builds start up after start up – mostly with Rails.

Daniel Harrington (@rubiii), Señor Developer, who has to do something with Savon – a heavy metal ruby soap client, which sounds just awesome!

Sergio (@porras) a spanish developer now living in Berlin and a beloved coach at our Rails Girls Berlin workshops.

Karla Schönicke (@karlawithakey) globetrotter, language & tech addict, loves Dire Straits, passionate about books, can’t get enough of Finnish design and korvapuusti.

Mari (@valakirka) a developer from Madrid and now making Berlin a better Place by supporting Rails Girls / Berlin as a coach from the very start and building up Rails Girls Madrid. Wonderful!

Christian Guimarães (@csgui), who says that he’s a learn-aholic, professional Software Developer and a math lover.

Alex Koppel (@arsduo), a Rails Developer from @6wunderkinder, author of the Koala gem, book reader, tinkerer.

Ian Hecker (@iain_nl) Programmer. Web Developer. Open Source Contributor. Wants to have beer with us in Ams. Done!