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What does a workshop look like?

About every two months a dozen experienced Ruby on Rails programmers gather together to give beginners a smooth introduction to programming with Ruby on Rails. During a full-day workshop you get to know the Internet from the other side and dive deep into the source code of a small project.


On the evening before the workshop you have a chance to meet and connect with other attendees while getting help with setting up your laptop. We call that installation get-together.


On the day of the workshop attendees are divided into groups of about 4 learners and 2 coaches. Coaches help you to get through the curriculum; while you are making your first steps in Ruby on Rails your coach is always on your side to guide you and answer all your questions. Don’t be afraid of asking questions. Your coach is there just for these and is happy to explain everything.


After the workshop you should continue learning. You will meet a lot of enthusiastic learners. Take that chance to get some people together and form a project group. Grab a coach and keep learning while working on a small project. We hope to see you again on one of our Code & Cake Workshops.

Get enlightened and inspired

Our workshops are more than just a day of learning. You will meet great people and have a fun time.

Introduction & Talks

Of course we don’t expect you to start coding right away. Every workshop begins with a short introduction to teach you the basic concepts. Coaches and advanced learners are invited to give short talks – so-called lightning talks – that are related to programming, inspiring and enlightening.

Sharing Lunch

To contribute to the workshop, we ask you to bring and share some food as well – fruit or vegetables, sweets or salads. Whatever you have, bring it with you. We are trying to provide some basic food for the day of the workshop. Of course that’s usually nothing fancy, but it keeps you going.

Celebrating your First Steps

If you think an awesome day of learning something new and challenging yourself can’t possibly be topped, you are wrong! After each workshop we invite you to join us and our coaches for some drinks to a nearby location to celebrate your first steps in programming.

Workshops 2019

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Winter 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reserve a place for the upcoming workshops?

We want to give everyone an equal chance of joining our workshops. For this reason we don’t accept any enquiries outside of the application periods. Thank you for your understanding.

I signed up for the event, am I automatically attending?

No, unfortunately not. Since we have limited space you will get a confirmation mail if you are selected, unless stated otherwise.

I am a rails programmer and would like to coach. How can I get in touch?

Please send us an email. We will get in touch with you.

I’m a guy, can I join as a student as well?

Rails Girls Berlin is focussed on women. You can apply but only if we have the capacity we will consider your application and let you know if you can attend.

How can I prepare for the workshop?

You have to install rails. If you have difficulties doing that, there will be an installation get-together one evening before it starts.
Also you can try ruby with This is a little tutorial on Ruby, the basis of „Ruby on Rails“. Listen to the little foxes and take it as a game. Enjoy it, take your time and do not worry if you do not understand everything. It is just for you to get some sort of basic feeling for this new and strange language. Most important have fun, get intrigued by what you are doing. The rest will come at its own pace. If you have questions you really want to have answered: Write them down and ask them to a coach on Saturday.

What should I bring for the workshop?

You will need a laptop, and don’t forget your laptop charger (power cable). If you don’t have one of those, let us know so we can see if we can arrange one for you. We also share food at all our workshops, so you should bring food for yourself and some to share with your new friends. This could also be as a thank you to the coaches who voluntarily put their time to coach at the workshops.

How do we choose attendees for the Beginner’s Workshop?

To have a better understanding of how we choose our attendees, here are the situations we could face before a workshop:

  • More spots than applications
  • More applications than spots

More spots than applications
If there are more spots than applications, we do not choose. We just invite you to come. 🙂

More applications than spots
Sometimes, there are fewer spots than the amount of people who have applied. This is mainly because our team members do this voluntarily and in their free time. On some dates only a small amount of us can organize and attend the specific event. This is why we have to clarify how many attendees and coaches we can handle as a team. Also, in order to ensure a good learning environment and learning success, we limit the groups to no more than 3 attendees per coach. This means, if there are not enough coaches available, it can happen that we have to reduce the number of groups.

We make our decisions about who will be invited to attend based on the following criteria:

  • Gender
  • Application deadline
  • Level of experience in Ruby and other programming languages
  • Not showing up without informing us
  • Having been rejected to a workshop before

As we are an emancipatory initiative to reduce the gender gap between men* and women*, we especially support Women* in Technology (WiT). Therefore we give applicants who identify as girls* and women* and/or don’t have access to male* privilege the priority.

Application deadline
Each application has a limited time period published on our website, so if you apply after the application is officially closed, please understand that we can not consider your application anymore.

Level of experience in Ruby and other programming languages
As the name “Beginner’s Workshop” assumes, we make sure that our applicants have not been to a Rails Girls workshop before and we give preference to those who have no experience with any programming or scripting language at all. We believe it is much easier for those who already have had some experiences with programming languages to get into Ruby on Rails by themselves. So it would be fair to leave the room for people who might not even know where to start.

However, we welcome people with a bit of coding knowledge to our Code & Cake Workshops and they are also welcome to ask if any project groups currently have open spots.

Not showing up without informing us
We keep in mind people who have applied and not shown up without giving us a heads up more than once. It is okay if something gets in your way of attending a workshop, but not telling us ahead of time is unfair and cancels out the option of opening up your spot for another person on the waiting list.

Having been rejected to a workshop before
We also prioritize applicants that have applied to past beginners workshops and have been rejected (not because of the already mentioned reasons) but out of chance since there were not enough spots.

Important notes! Please read!

We would like to encourage all applicants who couldn’t get a spot once to apply again for one of the next Beginner’s Workshops. Also please consider applying to one of our upcoming Code & Cake Workshops if you have already been to a Beginner’s Workshop or are a bit experienced.

We do believe that there are more genders than the constructed binary system of female and male, this is why we also invite people from the LGBTIQ* community to apply and join.

We especially welcome Black People and People of Color (PoC) to apply as attendees or coaches because we are aware that gender is not the only category that matters when it comes to intersectionality, equal participation and (self-)empowerment.

Since we are aware of the fact that classism exists, we will try to find solutions for people who don’t own a laptop, which they could use during the workshop. If this is the case for you, please note so in your application and we will, for example, try to organize a spare laptop.

Because we depend on venues offered by our sponsors and partners, some locations may unfortunately not be wheelchair-accessible. In case you would like to join one of our Beginner’s Workshops, please send us an email (even independent from a specific event), so we can collect all inquiries to find better fitting solutions.

Last but not least, to offer a respectful environment and good atmosphere at our events, we kindly ask you to read and agree to our Code of Conduct before you apply for a workshop.

If there is anything we can do to make our spaces as inclusive/accessible as possible, please let us know via e-mail to contact[at]

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