Review: Our very special Winter Workshop 2012

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What a day! Our Winter Special Beginner Workshop was the biggest Workshop so far – with 45 attendees, 22 coaches and 5 organizers we almost burst co.up’s capacities!
It was supercold and icy outside, but inside everybody was buzzing with energy and Wissensdurst.
„It was so cool!“ – a winter special indeed.

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First, Tobi (@pragtob) bewitched us with his introduction talk ( and everybody began to write their very own love story with ruby this moment. And after a lot of coding and the aweseome lightning talks from

Mari (@valakirka) Tom (@mortice)
Ela (@elamadej) Kornelius (@murphy_karasu )

Everybody was inspired either to try to get a ticket for railsberry in april or start their own pink (or fluffy) project and make their dreams come true, cook their own code, learn more about the first lady of programming – Grace Hopper.

But the true wonderful cristmas present for us was to see Rebecca (@Bioshrimp) and Debbie(@Bumbledebee), who just attended the Beginner-workshop a few months ago, now themselves to be coaches for the first time!
That’s true cristmas story, we believe and we are so happy and overjoyed, that they kind of made one of our dreams come true: to get women to fall in love with programming and then share their love.
A big thanks you here of course to Sven Fuchs (@svenfuchs), who started his own project group and meets up with his group every monday and encourages and supports his students in a most amazing way! And now two of his students were coaches at the Workshop and we hope many others will follow this wonderful example. And maybe, someday some women can tell a similar story as Joan’s, who told us how she became a programer in under a year.

After the Workshop we didn’t stop, but celebrated a very very cool 3/4 year of Rails Girls Berlin and everybody who supported our mission and made stories like Debbie and Rebecca’s possible.

A warm-hearted thank you to all our lovely coaches, who so selflessly are coding in their freetime with us, to our sponsors, without whom we would neither have a room for our ideas or food or drinks and all the lovely buttons, stickers and alls the little things that makes our workshops more fun and exciting.

We want to say thank you for this Big Beginners Workshop and our Winter Party to:

archify avarteq Co-Up Infopark
Railshoster SponsorPay Soundcloud Wooga

And a big thanks always goes out to the guys from upstream, who run co.up and are always putting a very nice roof over our heads!

And of course, a big thank you to all the coaches ( Alex,
David P., Debora, Falk, Felix, Joan, Johannes, Jorge, Kornelius, Lucas, Marc, Mari, Matt, Natalia, Patrick, Rebecca, Sergio, Til, Tobi P., Tom) and attendees, who with their excitement and enthusiasm make this movement bigger and bigger and make the work of organizing and helping out with Rails Girls Berlin truly fun and rewarding.

DANKESCHÖN! You are awesome. We are looking forward to a great next year with you.

can’t get enough? awesome!

Here are the photos of the workshop:

and the Winter Party:

and here is the recipie for the yummy cookies, Toby baked: