Review: Rails Bridge – Rails Girls Berlin workshop

We know, it’s been a while since the Rails Bridge – Rails Girls Berlin workshop actually took place. However, we’d like to wrap it up for you and take the opportunity to thank all participants – coaches and students equally.

We would like to thank…

… our attendees for being open to learning something new and creating a nice atmosphere.

… our coaches who helped women to get started in programming. Many thanks go out to: Renee De Voursney, Alexander Lang, Alex Coles, Chris, Daniel Spaude, Jan, Konstantin Haase, Max Schneider, Nicola Sheldrick, Patrick Huesler, Sven Fuchs, Tobias Bielohlawek, Tobias Pfeiffer, Janika Liiv, Edward Tewiah, Lucas Pinto, Jack Kinsella, Josefine Harzmann, Thilo Utke, Andreas Hellwig, Ted Young and Béla KLeinen.
We would also like to thank the developers of GitHub who decided to join and helped out.

…our sponsors for making this workshop possible by providing a space and money for material, food and the afterparty. Our thanks go out to: GitHub, Moviepilot, Hascore and co.up.

The highlights

The most memorable thing was probably Fanny’s (a Rails Girls Berlin organizer) fantastic Ruby cake. If you want to know how to make your own cake, here is the recipe.
Renee Rails Bridge Coach and co-organizer Renee De Voursney from Rails Bridge gave a short introduction to using the Terminal and basic Ruby terminology.
Tobias Pfeiffer Coach Tobias Pfeiffer gave a talk on „How to continue coding“. You can find his presentation on slideshare.
Janika Liiv Coach Janika Liiv drew a comparison between coding and screen writing. Her presentation can also been found online on slideshare.
Of course there was also the fantastic after party at „Edelweiss“, where coaches and attendees came together to connect, exchange experiences and make their own Rails buttons.

You can find more pictures on Flickr and Dropbox.

This is what our attendees said

Awesome atmosphere created by the amazing Berlin Rails Gilrs team, the committed coaches and enthusiastic attendees.

That I have always someone for my questions and the Coaches liked it when I was asking 😉

The organisation team and the coaches were all really nice and helpful! It was great to have a coach near by at all times helping out whenever I had a problem or question. I loved that the installation party involved pizza and beer. What a great and informal start. I liked the workshop in little teams the most. I was with only 2 other attendees and 2 coaches. That was a really nice working atmosphere.

This is what our coaches said

Railsgirls workshops excel in thrilling people up to a point where they consider changing careers, so it is super successful at what the main goal is … but then the most clear advice on what to do next is „join a project group“ or „post to the mailinglist“. […] So, all in all? You don’t have to improve anything. You’re doing a fantastic job and I am very grateful for being invited to contribute a tiny little bit.

Teaching things. Meeting people. Learning things. Also, the buffet was awesome. And the party was really great.

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