Review: Rails Beginners Workshop at eurucamp 2012

This Rails Girls Berlin workshop from 17th August was something very special:

It was part of eurucamp 2012 , a non-profit conference for Ruby developers with a nice holiday flair at lake Müggelsee.

The eurucamp team had the opinion that beginners should have the opportunity to get in touch with many developers and the great Ruby-community. So the attendees of our workshop had the chance to take part in the basic program on Friday and hear the great keynote of Steve Klabnik for example.

Since we had just a one-day workshop we had to start early with installation and troubleshooting. The workshop itself started on 11:00 with Lightning Talks and an introduction to the basics held by our lovely Tobias Pfeiffer.
After lunch the coding groups jumped right into the app tutorial.
We now have a new app tutorial we want to use for workshops in the future. It bases on the Rails Girls app tutorial but adds some small things like Google map. You can use the app as a virtual guestbook for example.

Sven Fuchs brought his own project group that was founded after the last workshop in July. They are meeting every Monday to learn the very basics of programming. For the workshop Sven prepared a kind of role-play to walk through a small program and some coding exercises. And he gave a short introduction to testdriven development.
It was a good opportunity for the group to work together a whole day and we hope that there will be more such groups in the future.

Unfortunately there were massive network problems but with the help of our great coaches it went well though.

We also had many visitors of JRubyConfEU who offered their help as coaches. So we used the chance to provide our pool of coaches.

With the help and sponsoring of O’Reilly we had a raffle of some nice books.

We would like to thank…

…our attendees for this unique day and your enthusiasm for learning.

…our great coaches for their helping hands and passion for teaching. Without you we never could do that.
Béla Kleinen, Edward Tewiah, Edward Mccaughan, Jan Lelis, Konstantin Haase, Matthias Guenther, Mike Burns, Nicola Sheldrick, Pablo Astigarraga, Sven Fuchs, Ted Young, Tobias Pfeiffer and Tom Stuart.

…the eurucamp orga team for this opportunity to show our attendees how awesome the Community behind all this is. We hope that we can be a part of eurucamp 2013 again.

…O’Reilly for sponsoring the prices for the raffle.

You can find Tobias Pfeiffer’s slides Here.

Daniel Hirsch from Radio Fritz was one of our attendees and reports his experiences at Trackback. You can listen to his podcast Here.

This is what the attendees said:

„The basic structure of ruby on rails and ruby. It was very neat. I also think such a conference is a great kick-start for motivating a start into programming.“
„I understood the structure of Rails a little bit more and I created my first app“
„Many people want to learn the same thing -> no stupid questions, everyone has nearly the same questions…“
„Programming is complicated stuff, but with a little bit of time and help it is fun.“
„Lots of nice and helpful people.“

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