Review: Follow-Up Workshop March 2013

The day was quite cold in Berlin, but the sun was as shiny as a diamond… what? Sorry, I meant Ruby, of course. It was the perfect day for a Follow-Up Workshop:

Rails Girls Berlin Balloon

This time, we had our workshop at a different location: at Wooga. Their brandnew auditorium is colorful, playful and offers a nice atmosphere to get into developing. With some red balloons and some red posters, it even got the Rails Girls touch that we needed to start the day.

Tweet from Wooga

Once everyone had arrived, registered her-/himself, had a cup of coffee, tasted the nice breakfast bites, the workshop could start.
Our lovely Dajana  introduced the day and presented the ideas some attendees wrote on our whiteboard. Some wanted to get deeper into Ruby, learn further steps, or improve their Rails Girls App. Others already had concrete ideas on what they wanted to do: as for example building a motivation tool with a badge system, connecting two APIs in order to print pictures as stickers or postcards or connecting an app to Facebook.
Then everyone shortly introduced her-/himself, telling where she/he came from, why she/he was there and what her/his favorite color was. We had people from Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, the UK and the US. What a great panel of nationalities!


After some amazing hours of coding, we could all eat the yummy soups we got from Suppen-Cult. Some even played a bit on the Wooga games to relax even more.


Before going back to coding, all the groups presented shortly what they did in the morning. This was quite impressive:
– some went through the Rails Girls app again, but manually
– some built an app helping to make decisions with friends
– some built the „meet me maybe app“ to see what your friends are doing and join them
– some built an app aiming to make budget easier for flatmates
– some implemented the search form into the app
– the Facebook API had been linked
– the motivational tool had been created

Everyone felt impressed and inspiring. It was the perfect timing to go on with some super interesting and interactive lightning talks:

Fred taught us how to add interactivity with jQuery, based on the Rails Girls Berlin Workshop app.

Marco  explained us the Ruby on Rails maxim „never repeat yourself“

We got some interactive explanations from Matt on why even bother with testing

And then Felix showed us some basics

To end the inspiring talks, our beloved Sven presented the Rails Girls Summer of Code. If you are interested by this, ping Sven or one of the organizers, and we will update you. We are looking for people to help us on realizing this amazing idea.

While everyone was coding again, we organizers were planning the next workshop for our 1-year-anniversary. Stay tuned for more infos.
And a few hours later, we were all eating Lea’s yummy waffles.

To end this workshop in a funny and playful way, Sven did a little role play with some of the attendees:


It was an amazing workshop for us, and we do hope you enjoyed it as well.

We would like to encourage you to keep on coding. From what we could see, it should not be a problem. But don’t forget to join our googlegroup if you haven’t joined it yet and look for a project group. Please, don’t hesitate to ping us or a coach if you have any question or concern.

A big thank you goes to all the coaches for being so involved and supportive: Alex L., Alex K., Felix, Frederik, Johannes, Kornelius, Lucas, Matt, Marco, Norman, Sven, Txus.

And of course, without our awesome sponsors, this inspiring Follow Up Workshop would not have been possible. So a big thank you from Rails Girls Berlin goes to

Wooga Amen Sofatutor

Thank you for making this possible!


© all pictures from Rails Girls Berlin Organizers

Did you attend the workshop? Please give us your feedback! Only this way we can do an even better workshop next time!

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