One Year of Rails Girls Berlin: That’s worth a THANK YOU


A few days ago, we had our Anniversary workshop. The time has come to have an overview of this amazing year.

Rails Girls is growing fast. If you aren’t aware of this yet, check out the Rails Girls map. Don’t hesitate to encourage more cities to organize their local chapter. All guides are open sourced.

It’s been one year now, that we had the very first Rails Girls workshop in Berlin. Since then, we have been quite active and could organize 10 workshops (including 2 follow up workshops).

Rails Girls Berlin 2012 from Alexander Lang on Vimeo.

A couple of project groups were formed after workshops and are meeting every week with their coach(es) to keep on coding.
Former attendees are now coaching at workshops, another one even got a job as a backend developer.
Quite promising, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, in our orga-team, we are not all programmers. We are still learning as well. Why do we want to get YOU into programming then? Because we all believe that it’s worth it. We want to change the ratio, we want YOU to be able to create your own things. And that is possible, with a nice and safe environment. That’s what Rails Girls is all about.

Since we’re not developers, how to bring you into code though? Well, a lot of people share the same goal. Worldwide, there is an amazing community and everyone is waiting for you to join it. We are quite lucky, in Berlin, the Ruby community is quite active as well. We do have a lot of coaches ] available and it allows us to have a nice ratio at the workshops (usually 1 coach for 1-3 attendees). They are all doing this in the spare time and for free. Just because they know that you can make it and they want to help you. They really are the best, aren’t they?

As you all know, taking part at a workshop is free of charge, so that everyone can make it. This is only possible with sponsors. We had over this wonderful year, awesome companies who were really supportive.
A big thank you for making this possible goes to:

Amen archify Asquera avarteq
Co-Up Dawand Github Hascore
htw Infopark Moviepilot O`Reilly
Railshoster Readmill Sofatutor SponsorPay
Soundcloud Testcloud Uber Workhub
Wooga Zeit Online

And, most importantly, Rails Girls Berlin made it through this year because you are awesome and motivated. It is always a blast to see you at the workshops and joining project groups afterwards. That is what makes it all worth it. Former attendees telling us that they’ve built their app, or that they are coaching or even that they got jobs, internships or whatever, that makes us super happy and proud of you.

We do hope this year was only the beginning. Rails Girls Berlin will go on, there will be more workshops, more project groups, more coding, more anniversaries, more fun.

Thank you all <3 The Rails Girls Berlin Team.