May Fever! – Rails Girls Berlin Workshop May 19th: Keep on Coding!

Last Saturday we once again took over co.up with over thirty enthusiastic women wanting to learn ruby and our wonderful coaches. From 11:30 till 5:30 the air was flirring with love and exitement so thick – you almost could see it flirring around. Women with laptops sat in every corner concentrating huddled over screens and learning why Ruby is awesome and what to build with it (your dreams!).

After being told the secret to “How to keep on coding” (project groups!) by me (@langziehohr) and a wonderful love-wave to and from the Rails Girls in Helsinki through Skype (that’s us on the screen!)

everybody got to hear Duana (@starkcoffee) talk about why Ruby is so great!

“I hope to see Ruby help every programmer in the world to be productive, to enjoy programming and to be happy.”

And everybody who wasn’t already fell in love with Ruby after that!

Then Jack (@jackkinsella) told us, how he became a programmer over helping a friend of his to win a competition by writing a program that automatically voted for her every 5 seconds. And Mari (@valakirka) started a fruitful debate about what are the most important tips and tricks from developers to work with ruby. (We will tell you about that in a next post these days – so stay tuned!)

After a great day of coding, eating, laughing and apparently trying to poke Konstantin Haase’s nose (more on that later, too!), Sven (@svenfuchs) showed us the amazing recipe to spread love by coding something with heart.

Thanks again to everbody – starting with the orga team, the coaches, the lovely food presents and last but not least again the wonderful co.up team! – to make this happen!
I think we definitely have some great thing started here. And as Sven said:

We hope, you got as exhausted and happy as we did.
And we truly hope, you start getting connected and keep on coding, girls!


and check out, what Rails Girls Helsinki looked like :