Help us go to EuRuKo!

Wohoo! We Rails Girls Berlin got our hands on two very hot EuRuKo tickets! (thanks to the Travis CI and EuRuKo guys, you rock!) But we need your help in getting there and are collecting some travel money here:

Since running and organizing Rails Girls Berlin is a non-profit side-project and most of us are still studying, the travel costs are just too much for us to pay on our own. So we are looking for donations – every single euro counts for us! – from people who want to support us and our dream of the first conference and want to see us too at EuRuKo.

We would love to go to Amsterdam and visit our very first Ruby conference ever and report back live here how everything works out:  how we meet the Ruby scene, how little or much of the talks we understand and how Amsterdam looks like from a Ruby point of view! We are so excited to share this with all the ladies that are interested in Ruby, too and just started to begin to learn like we did! 

If this works out, we will write a super-super-happy post, mention everybody who donated and draw something cute for you <3

So keep your fingers crossed for us und help us do that in Amsterdam: