Happy Birthday Rails Girls Berlin!

Rails Girls Berlin is now 4 years old and what could be better than a Beginners workshop to celebrate this? Yes, nothing. 🙂 So we invited over 70 attendees and 30 coaches on 23.4. to dive with us into coding at HTW Berlin.


The day starts early for some organizers putting up the arrows to make the venue easier to find:


After registration and some chatting, Ferdous and Laura start the day off by welcoming everyone and mentioning the Code of Conduct. They then continue to give the introductory talk into programming, both in English and German!

Attendees get to play around with the terminal (aka. the 1980’s version of a personal computer) during the introductory talk. This is, for most of them, the first time typing a command on a black screen: It is great to see them get over the fear of breaking their computer 🙂 !

After the talk, they go on to continue learning in groups with their assigned coaches. We have a 3:1 (!!!) attendee to coach ratio.

Time flies and soon it is time for lunch: There are vegetarian and vegan bagels and an hour long break to enjoy them and the beautiful beach @htw, while chatting and getting to know each other -although some attendees are very motivated and go back to coding after a short break.

After the relaxing, stomach-filling break it is time to listen to some lightning talks and let your stomach digest the food 😜.  Through Marie’s talk, we learn about Hearts of Code, a coding/hacking space in Berlin made for women.

Fronx then gives an exactly 5-minute-long enlightening talk on the parts programs are made up of:

Followed by Sergio, who takes us through his coding journey and gives us examples of everyday tasks he tackles with programming!

It is then time to get lucky and walk away with awesome gifts, in other words it is time for the RAFFLE!!! XD Up for grabs: A Marley Spoon voucher for ingredients to prepare a recipe at home, along with a beautiful wooden spoon and cutting board, or one of the Makerist wool containing boxes, or innoQ power banks! Let’s just say everyone is very excited … After the drum roll, some  attendees get lucky and happily come up to the front to pick up their presents after their name is called 😃. O’Reilly had also sent us books for the raffle, they unfortunately did not get to us in time for the workshop (damn the post!).

Ute  (@nerdbabe), who has been organizing these workshops since the beginning in 2012 and has come all the way from Cologne gets a card signed by many coaches and attendees to express our gratitude towards her commitment, even from miles away.

And then there is also cake! A lovely cake sponsored by the Makerist to celebrate the 4 years of providing free workshops in Berlin! Yay! That means more than 22 workshops, 900 attendees, and a pool of more than 150 coaches!

Attendees passionately get back to coding with their coaches, following the Rails Girls tutorial, to create their very first web application!!! How cool is that!

Another great thing is that Sven Fuchs drops by. He is the creator of the longest standing project group, the Ruby Monstas. He doesn’t take a day off and is always there on Mondays (even if it’s Christmas eve!!!).

It is the end of the Workshop and to wrap up, Sarah comes to the front and informs beginners how they can continue learning to code. During her talk she mentions https://rorganize.it a website which has a list of project groups they can join.She talks also about the Monday project group, RubyMonstas http://rubymonstas.org in more detail as they are starting a new group meant for beginners specifically after this workshop.

As an economical computer science student at HTW, she also talks a bit about her specific study course which is for women only and also about the meetup Women Who Code https://www.womenwhocode.com/berlin.

It has been a great Workshop and we hope to have encouraged more women to begin their coding journey!! <3<3<3

Last but not least, this could have not been possible without our lovely sponsors:

dpunkt Verlag



A big shout out to our awesome coaches:
Daniel Senff
Sara Regan
Antonio Serna Gutierrez
Andreas Krüger
Katrin Marschner
Sergio Gil
Johannes Mentz
Ariane Rutz
Sarah Ganter
Joe Corcoran
Maksim Prokopyev
Max Beier
Ernesto Miguez
Tam Eastley
Conny Kawohl
Sandra Strack
Anne Königs
Cameron Prebble
David Piegza
Robert Schäfer
Morten Strüwe
Sebastian Röder

List of organizers for this event: