End of the year statistics of 2014 – What we have achieved so far

It has been a very exciting year with new challenges, new locations as well as a large number of attendees, coaches and a bunch of new sponsors. Take a look at our statistics from 2014.

In the last year we managed to make four Hackdays and four Beginner’s Workshops happen. The amount of attendees grew up to 322 and the number of coaches has risen to 143 in the last year. The main challenge was to provide a space large enough to learn coding and to listen to lightning talks for our students and coaches, and sometimes also a delicious lunch – all framed within a suitable ratio of three students per one coach at maximum.



Women continue coding at Hackdays. Here it happened at Fyber.


The locations FU Berlin, HTW and Hasso-Plattner Institut were some of the places which fit our needs. 

The hackdays are for more advanced students and are frequented by our project groups. These groups usually have their own coaches but the Rails Girls coaches are also available to help answer any specific questions the students may have. This is especially true for those who don’t come with a project group.


Mostly the students work on projects and get support in solving their programming problems.

Locations like co.up often provide us space which is absolutely great for our Hackdays, but sometimes we have a great sponsor who is willing to provide space to make our Hackdays even bigger than usual. This happened at Fyber for our Christmas Hackday.



At a Beginner’s Workshop you always have a coach who is helping you taking the first steps in coding.


Organizing Hackdays and Beginner’s Workshops is often connected with costs for food, stickers, posters, t-shirts, buttons, dishes and drinks. That is why we are happy to have sponsors like Dawanda, co.up, Fyber, null2, Fachkraft Informatik, Elance, adjust, O’Reilly , Hitfox, Thoughtworks and d:evolute, who are helping us financially.


From the outside, organzing Rails Girls events might not seem like a lot of work, but it is: Coordinating coaches and attendees, taking care of Social Media and the website, communicating with sponsors and handling press requests are all things that happen outside of the event days – and we love doing them. But sometimes, team members need to prioritize their time differently, so we’d like to thank all the team members who quit the active group for all their work and welcome those who are eager to continue the work <3

We are extremely grateful and we would like to thank everyone who participated in the last year. We are making great progress in the right direction to close the gender gap in information technology.

Your RGB-organizers <3