Resources and Talks

Resources for Beginners

Here you can find the guides used during our workshops and some helpful resources for beginners

Installing Rails

Rails Girls Installation Guide
Railsbridge Installation Guide – This guide can be used as an alternative. You only need the first Guide

The Workshop-Tutorial

Build your first App – We are using this step-by-step tutorial during our Beginners Workshops


Rails Girls Workbook
Beginners Cheatsheet – here you can find useful shortcuts, commands and infos

Learning Ruby

Basics of programming in Ruby – with exercises, a book written by one of the Rails Girls Berlin study groups (Ruby Monstas)
A poignant guide to Ruby – A complete book from the same guy who created TryRuby.
Learn Ruby on Codeacademy
Using Ruby Guides to learn Ruby

Learning Rails

Webapps for beginners – with exercises, a book written by one of the Rails Girls Berlin study groups (Ruby Monstas)
Rails for Zombies by Envylabs
Learn Rails by David Kehoe
Ruby on Rails Tutorial – Tutorial for building a mini Twitter-App

Where to go from here – Tobi’s presentation about continuing learning

Using Git

Try Git

Other Resources

A Collection of some resources for more advanced learners and other topics

For advanced Learners

Ruby Koans
Rails Guides
Peepcode Screencasts

Learning other languages

Code school – Learn with presentations and coding exercises
Codecademy – Learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and Python with an interactive Terminal and earn batches
Don’t fear the Internet – Frontend stuff (CSS, HTML) explained in short videos.

Creating mockups



Colour Lover

Developer communities



Privacy Basics

If you know some more links that should be included on this page. Leave a comment with the link! We are happy about any good advise.

Talks and Presentations

A collection of slides from talks held during our workshops

Introduction into Webapplications – Green Tobi’s famous Intro-Talk
Where to go from here – Tobi’s presentation about continuing learning

19.10.2013 – Hackday

Programming Games with Ruby by Patrick Huesler

14.12.2013 – Hackday

Privacy in a digital environnement by Lisa and Til
I Love Programming by Green Tobi

15.02.2014 – Hackday

Your first contribution to Open Source by Phillip Hansch
Free software vs Open Source software by Carolina
The Right Tool for the Job by Ryan Levick
Code is many more times read than written by Green Tobi

15. & 16.3.2014 – Beginners Workshop @FU

Resources for learning by Tam Eastly
How to continue after the workshop by Ute
How I became a developer by Lisa

5.4.2014 – Beginners Workshop @HTW

Introduction to Webapplications Ruby (german) by Jan
Differences between Java and Ruby by Jan
#Rubydiary by Malwine

02.08.2014 – Beginners Workshop eurucamp 2014

Rails Girls Summer of Code – Omnia Extares by Carolina

25.10.2014 – Beginners Workshop @FU Berlin

HTTP for curious traveller by Klaus Fleerkötter
CS is my DC by Malwine
Becoming a programmer – the art of googling well by Florian Plank
How to ask questions and find the right answers by Florian Plank

25.03.2017 – Beginners Workshop @HTW

Introductory speech by Laura and Kaja