Continue Learning

Continue Learning

What are Project Groups?

Unfortunately, you can’t learn coding in just one day. The truth is, it takes a few months and continuous learning to actually become a professional programmer. But don’t fret, we have a solution for you. Every time we have a workshop, some of the attendees come together to form projects groups.

These project groups are usually led by one or two coaches and meet about once a week. The projects are not overly complex, but help you to get a real grasp of coding and to continue learning.

Anyone can suggest a project. All you need to do, is find a coach and a few people to learn together (because learning together is always more fun!) and off you go!

Does it really work?

Some of our project group members stepped up to the other side and are now teaching newbies at our workshops. Some are even working as Junior Developers already. Great, isn’t it?

Your first step is to visit one of our workshops to see if Ruby on Rails is really for you. After that you can join our Rails Girls Google Group and find other enthusiastic learners.

Find a project group

Looking for a Project Group?

The fabulous Rubycorns made this Rails Girls App. You can search for a project group nearby.

Please add your Project Group there in case if yours is missing. Thank you!

You want start your own Project Group?

Are you a coach?
We will help you finding learners. Send us an email! You can also join our googlegroup and see if there are some people already looking for you.

Are you a learner?
We will help you find a coach. Fill out this form. You can also join our googlegroup and see if there are people how are looking for a fellow learner.