Going one step further: Coding stories from former attendees

Today we will start a new section of this Blog: Rubies.
Former attendees from our workshops will tell their story about the next steps into coding. We hope to get you inspired too.

It’s been a little over a month since our last workshops, but we’re glad to see some of our beloved attendees kept on coding since then.

Some of our rubies started the project group „Text-to-square“ and met every Monday at the Travis CI office to learn Ruby with Sven (@Svenfuchs) and Konstantin (@Konstantinhaase)

It looks like this

More infos on that coming soon on the blog.
Cheers Bettina (@thatbettina), Carla (@CarlaD), Debora (@Bumbledebee), Laura, Maren (@zaziemo), Rebecca (@bioshrimp), Anja (@_tyrania_) and Sabrina (@sabrna)! You rock! And you, coaches are amazing! Thank you so much for making this happen.

We’re also really proud of Olga. After attending the workshop in July, she decided to develop her idea: an application where you can define your own color code and translate the texts to read them in colors instead of letters. Her idea comes from psychology (the processing of information in the brain is easier for colors as for letters). It’s an android application called The Psycho App (http://www.psychoapp.de/) which will be available soon. we’re very proud of her. She didn’t keep on learning Rails, but it’s not about the programming language, it’s about making things happen! So, cheers Olga! We’re looking forward to using your app!

Inspiring, isn’t it? Well, we might have something for you. We’re organizing a follow-up workshop soon, so you can work on your very own idea and/or learn a bit more how to code in Ruby on Rails.
More details on the event page.

Also, if you cannot attend the next follow-up workshop, don’t hesitate to found or join or project group. If you don’t know how to start, just contact us (contact@railsgirlsberlin.de), we’ll help you.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the workshop or reading your story about coding.