Beginners Workshop

6th & 7th December 2019

Let’s dive into Coding <3

Rails Girls Berlin has changed their name to code curious! We have a new website. To find out all the details of our next workshop, please visit:

Lerne Programmieren <3

Wir haben unsere Namen geändert, wir heißen nicht mehr Rails Girls Berlin sondern code curious! Wir haben eine neue Website. Um alle Details zu unserem nächsten Workshop zu erfahren, besuchen Sie bitte:




Note: This schedule is still to be confirmed. Please check this site again before the day of the workshop.


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  • Is this workshop for beginners only? Yes! If you want to know more about how we choose attendees, check out our FAQ
  • I signed up for the event, am I automatically accepted to attend? No, unfortunately not. Since we have limited space, we will have to choose the people accepted to attend. You will get a confirmation mail if you are selected and a rejection or waiting-list email if you’re not. As we have limited space for this event, please do let us know if you can not attend. We can then give the free spot to someone else.
  • How can I prepare for the workshop? You have to install rails. If you have difficulties doing that, please write us. It is important that the installation problems are solved BEFORE the beginning of the workshop, that’s why we always organise an installation get-together before every beginner’s workshop! You can also try ruby with This is a little tutorial on Ruby, the basis of „Ruby on Rails“. Listen to the little foxes and take it as a game. Enjoy it, take your time and do not worry if you do not understand everything. It is just for you to get some sort of basic feeling for this new and strange language. Most important is to have fun, get intrigued by what you are doing. The rest will come at its own pace. If you have questions you really want to have answered: Write them down and ask your coach on Friday or Saturday.
  • What should I bring for the workshop? You will need a laptop (and don’t forget your power cable). If you don’t have one of those, let us know! That way we can try to arrange one for you. We also ask all of you to bring some food for yourself and your new friends to share, you can think of this as a thank you to the coaches who are volunteering their time.