Next level: Study Groups

When it comes to the continuation of learning to code after a Rails Girls Beginners Workshop, the Berlin community is kind of trailblazer. We have some of the longest standing project groups (Ruby Monstas, Rubycorns ) and the Summer of Code emerged from this amazing community. We have come to a point where the Ruby User […]

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EuRuKo 2015 – Join the crowd

We already know that the Ruby community is probably our favorite programmer’s community. They (and I’ll include the Rails Girls learners here as well) care about diversity, the sharing of knowledge and, let’s be honest, many of ‚em value a good cat or unicorn Picture. But above that, we were already able to give away […]

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So, why are you coding?

There are probably more reasons to pick up coding skills than there are coders. Some have been thinking about ot tinkering with computers from very early on, others got into by chance. Or by accident. The thing is that there is not one „right way“ to get there. Also, not everyone who likes coding has […]

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