What is Rails Girls Berlin

What is our mission?

Founded in April 2012, Rails Girls Berlin is the daughter of the worldwide non-profit organization Rails Girls that started in Finland.

We want to help to close the gender gap in IT. Currently less than 20% of computer science majors are female, leaving women to be mostly consumers of technological products instead of creators and makers. Furthermore, it has been found that gender diversity leads to better decision making, increased creativity and enhanced, innovative performances.

We are trying to change the gender imbalance by giving women the opportunity and a community to start learning to code. In addition to that we want to empower women to follow their dreams and put their business ideas into reality without a technical co-founder.

Why are so few women in IT?

Due to a lack of female role models, women are often prejudiced towards Computer Science as a career as it is commonly perceived as male dominated, isolated, uncreative and uncommunicative. In reality, programming demands a lot of creativity as well as good communication skills in order to build a good product.

Furthermore, it is a common misbelief that being good at Maths is a prerequisite for learning programming. Due to outdated undergraduate teaching methods that favour competition over cooperation, girls are often less interested in Mathematics. They therefore often show a lower performance at school which keeps them from taking up an IT career later in life.

How we are trying to solve this problem

We make coding social by creating a communicative and cooperative atmosphere around it. Our workshops kick off with an installation get-together, are provided with food that attendees bring along to share and end with an after-party.

By teaching women in groups of two we create an environment without pressure or competition which diminishes the fear of asking “stupid” questions.

We connect women with each other, with mentors / coaches and role models who have shown that it doesn’t need an academic background in computer science or be good at Maths to become a successful developer.

We foster continued learning by encouraging attendees to join project groups after the workshop. These groups are led by experienced developers and stretch over several weeks to months. In addition to that, larners of all levels come together regularly on our “Code & Cake”.

What do we mean by „women“ and „girls“?

Although we use „girls“ in our name, we welcome people who *identify as female* of *any age, ethnicity and background*. No matter if you’re still in school, have been working for many years or are staying home to take care of relatives. Diversity matters to us, so if you are not fluent in English, don’t own a laptop, can’t find someone to care of your children during the workshop, please contact us and we will try to find a solution.

Who we are

Rails Girls Berlin events are organized by a small group of women and a huge group of programmers. Everyone is volunteering for this project, because we believe that women are the future of programming. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we are receiving from our attendees and coaches is convincing us to keep this project going.

How you can help
We are always looking for people to support Rails Girls by either coaching or sponsoring our events. If you want to get involved, then please drop us a line contact@railsgirlsberlin.de



Bioinformatics student, Ruby Monsta, loves to travel, code and try new things.

Responsible for: Website, Event Planning, Finances & Sponsors, Project Groups, Social Media


philosopher, ruby and rails learner and group-coding-enthusiastic

Responsible for: Attendee Coordination, Project Groups


Philosopher, soccer player, Ruby coder and feminist. Loves food and her bicycle.

Responsible for: Attendee Coordination, Event Planning, Newsletter


Philanthropist and Humanist, HR professional and code learner, loves tech innovations and is a Berliner.

Responsible for: Attendee Coordination, Event Planning, Sponsors


Former Cultural Anthropologist now studying Computer Science, lives on the internet and cheese.

Responsible for: Attendee Coordination, Social Media


Yak Shaving Enthusiast working at innoQ. Loves cats, avocados and technology.

Responsible for: Design, Infrastructure, Website, Wall of Fame

Our coaches

Rails Girls Berlin wouldn’t exist without these people. If you are interested in coaching, check out the „get involved“ section and contact us at coaching@railsgirlsberlin.de.

Alexander Lang

Founder of companies, programmer, runs a coworking space

Anton Wilhelm

maintainer of js2coffee, works with node.js & coffeescript, plays guitar & piano, loves acrobatic & extreme sports

Arne Brasseur

Roaming Rubyist passionate about open source

Bettina Shzu-Juraschek

Happy to be a Rubyist; we're all about love & passion & community

Bodo Tasche

Fighting bits since 1988

Camila Ayres

Multitask (Programmer && Housewife) Hacker

Carla Drago

Unambitious photographer and internet-afffin


En el caos encontraremos la armonía

Chad Fowler

author, technologist, consultant, speaker, teacher, musician, organizer

David Link

founder & CEO of WorkHub

Daniel Spaude

Rails-developer at d:evolute, student of computer science at FU Berlin

David Piegza

Ruby on Rails web developer at WorkHub

Debora Blass

customer support operations at sponsorpay, learning Ruby on Rails with rubymonsters

Duana Saskia Stanley

Software Engineer Lovely Person Working at SoundCloud

Edward McCaughan

programmer of negotiable affections

Ellen König

Java developer and Ruby hobbyist, psychology student, always curious to learn more

Felix Schäfer

Rubyist, Developer @planio, IT Student, deep

Floor Drees

Developer Evangelist at anynines, future Neelie Kroes

Henry van Wagenberg

Lover of ancient Greek Stoic philosophy. Also a Rails developer with SmartLogic Berlin

Jan Schulte

Backend Ruby developer working at Asquera

Joan Wolkerstorfer

went from zero to Rails developer in under a year, and you can too!

Johannes Mentz

loves cycling, music and electronics

Jorge Creixell

works at Workhub, loves test-driven development, well designed architectures

Joseph M. Bach

Ruby developer, entrepreneur, musician and successful astronaut.

Julius Volz

Species Life Cycle Management

Konstantin Haase

Maintainer of Sinatra, contributes to Rubinius, Rack, Travis, Rails and MRI

Kornelius Kalnbach

Works at Sofatutor, Obsessed with benchmarking, syntax highlighting and details

Laura Wadden

code queen @RailsGirlsSoC | queer feminist geek | evercurious activist

Lena Herrmann

likes test first development, politics, feminism, facilitating, writing emails, hiking and knitting

Lisa Passing

web addict, frontend dev, game geek.

Lucas Pinto

Berlin-based french Ruby on Rails developer seeing programming as a great tool


Coding and Comics

Maren Heitsche

Freelance analyst and project manager, passionated ruby developer in progress

Marcin Baliński

Normal Human Being

Mari Carmen Gutiérrez

Passionate web developer, obsessed by learning everyday, in love with Ruby, Rails and Berlin.

Matthias Günther

Open Sourcer by heart, loves talking about Vim, writing a book about Padrino

Matt Patterson

Thinks learning how to program is a Very Good Thing

Mihal Papis

RVM Maintainer. Software Wizard. Shell, Ruby and Rails developer.

Norman Koehring

freelancing programmer, OpenSource enthusiast and hacker

Oli Barnett

berlin programmer and musician

Patrick Huesler

works for wooga building backend systems, active member of Berlin’s Ruby user group

Phillip Hansch

Ruby, Rails, Minimalist, Runner, Astronomy and bread baking. --- Watch me fail while I'm trying to use Twitter without complaining about things.

Rebecca C.

Xboxing, technology, polaroids, movies, art, laughing

Ryan Levick

Tech nerd, squirrel enthusiast, lover of all covered in blue cheese dressing

Sergio Gil

Spanish developer currently living in Berlin

Stefan Wille

Freelance Ruby on Rails developer, founder, passionate about improving things

Sven Fuchs

loves opensource, published many Ruby and Rails projects, tools and libraries

Tam Eastly

journalist, podcaster, programmer

Ted Young

Focused on human rights activism, open-source software, and front-end engineering

Tilmann Singer

enjoys working with open source, worked for various startup companies, currently freelancing

Tobias Bielohlawek

life, laugh, hack!

Tobias Pfeiffer

IT-Student in love with agile methodologies, clean code, open source, ruby and teaching

Tom Stuart

Not as grumpy as he seems!