7 Reasons to Add „Learn How to Code“ to Your Project List for 2013

Are you thinking about getting into coding this year? You are not really sure if it’s worth the time and hassle? We are certain it is. Here are some reasons why you should learn how to code and why you should start exactly now.

1.) Give your career a new twist
Programming is a great profession that gives you a lot of freedom and is also extremely well paid. Businesses all over the world need more programmers and are constantly hiring technical staff. But even if you are not persuing a career as a developer. Knowing how to code provides a great foundation for founding your own tech startup. And as technology becomes omnipresent, programming languages become as important as foreign languages for your career.

2.) Really understand IT processes, improve planning and communication
Learning how to code improves the communication between you and your tech team. Not only do you gain credibility when you understand the underlying technology of your business. You are also able to understand the complexity of IT projects. It helps you to estimate duration and costs, identify risks and therefore improves overall long-term-planning.

3.) Discover new product opportunities
Understanding the underlying technology of a product helps you to discover new business opportunities. Coding knowledge improves your ability to abstract the technology from the application. You will suddenly see new possible applications for your existing code.

4.) Learn how to deal with failure
Coding often includes a lot of tiresome bug fixing. You might spend days fixing one particular problem without having the feeling you are getting any closer to the solution. However, this is a good preparation for the startup life. In that way, coding prepares you for running your own business.

5.) Automate manual work and make time for the important task
Having a little bit of coding knowledge can help you to automate processes that would be usually done in a time-consuming manual way. By automating these tasks you save time that is better spent on the core tasks of your business. This ability can give your career a boost. You are not only increasing the productivity or your and your team’s work, it also adds and desirable and distinguishing skill to your CV.

6.) Test your own business ideas
Take charge of your fortune and put your ideas into reality. If you are able to code a little bit, you can easily build a prototype and even test your idea on a smaller scale. This will help you to convince possible co-founders of the viability of your product and of you as a potential business partner.

7.) Spark your creativity and experience a mental flow state
Most people who program describe themselves as entering a mental flow state where they are intensely immersed and time seems to fly by. It feels similar to reading a great book.  In addition, programming requires you to think outside the box and sparks your creativity. You need your creativity for being able to tackle coding problems as well as your logic for putting the pieces together and transforming it into code.


This is how you can start right now:

1.) Mark the date for our next workshop on the 22nd/23rd February in your calendar and sign up for our newsletter to get notified when registration starts.

2.) Try Ruby in a playful way

3.) Sign up for the Ruby course at codecademy

We wish you good luck with sticking to your resolution and hope to see you at one of our workshops some time this year.