Oktober 2017

Rails Girls Berlin is growing up

Rails Girls Berlin has existed since its first workshop in 2012. So far, we’ve organized more than 30 workshops with more than 1200 learners. From within our community, great projects such as speakerinnen.org, rorganize.it and diversitytickets.org have developed. Additionally, projects like Rails Girls Summer of Code, ClojureBridge Berlin and Heart of Code are partially built […]

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Rails Girls Berlin wird erwachsen(er)

Seit dem ersten Workshop im Jahr 2012 gibt es in Berlin die Initiative Rails Girls. Wir haben über dreißig Workshops veranstaltet mit über 1200 Teilnehmenden. Aus unserer Community sind so tolle Projekte entstanden wie speakerinnen.org, rorganize.it und diversitytickets.org. Aber auch der Rails Girls Summer of Code, ClojureBridge Berlin und die Heart of Code sind unter […]

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A Conversation About Coaching

Last month, the Rails Girls Berlin organizers team had a retreat in the beautiful Brandenburg countryside and were kind enough to invite us, Sergio and Marie, to join them. Both of us have been coaches in the beginners workshops some times, and among the many interesting discussions we all had during those days, we discussed […]

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