• Let’s dive into Coding <3

    Beginners Workshop December 2019

    The Beginners Workshop is a hands on introduction to Rails. The workshop has a main focus on women with no previous Ruby on Rails programming experience and who want to be able to build their own applications. Let's take these hours and learn something new!

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  • Free beginners programming workshops for women

    Rails Girls Berlin

  • Rails Girls Berlin “Wall of Fame”


    "The biggest obstacle is at the same time sometimes a motivating one: there is a lot to learn and there is always more. So the first step is to make learning a habit. You will always learn new things so it is crucial that you don’t discourage yourself if you don’t know something. You just have to learn it."

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  • Let’s dive deeper into Coding <3

    Code & Cake Workshop September 2019

    Whether you’ve been to a Beginners’ Workshop or started programming on your own – if you have a bit of the basics down, this day is for you! Take these hours to dive deeper into a tutorial, get help on a coding question or continue projects you’ve been working on before.

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What we do

We organize free workshops for women* without prior experience in programming. These workshops are led by skilled Ruby on Rails programmers who are eager to help newbies and to increase the number of women* in IT. During our workshops, we try to create a cozy space where questions are welcome and where there is no pressure nor competition. To accomplish that, we keep the group sizes small and have one dedicated coach per two or three learners.

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Our free workshops are tailored to learners without prior experience with programming. Come and join us!

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We encourage attendees to join or form a project group to continue learning. Check out the existing groups!

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You can't wait for the next workshop? Get a sneak peek into Ruby and try Ruby online for free.

Workshops 2019

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Summer 2019

08.06 Beginners Workshop

Success Stories


The biggest obstacle is at the same time sometimes a motivating one: there is a lot to learn and there is always more. So the first step is to make learning a habit. You will always learn new things so it is crucial that you don’t discourage yourself if you don’t know something. You just have to learn it.

Linda Bergen

I was unhappily working in marketing which was not intellectually stimulating enough for me. I need to be challenged, and to be able to learn something every day. This is what is rewarding for me in a job.


People can very easily kill your motivations but the truth is: it’s never too late, you are never too old to learn something new, do something completely different or something you thought is out of your league. Chances are high it’s within range!

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Sponsors and Partners

Each of our events is sponsored by great companies as well. Check them out at the event-pages.
Since we’re always working on future events, any financial support is highly appreciated. If you’re interested in helping us, ping Sabine and Ellen at sponsoring@railsgirlsberlin.de

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Rails Girls

Rails Girls is a global community that organize workshops for women to get into Ruby on Rails. The idea spread all over the world. Check out your city on their website or follow them on Twitter to stay in touch (@railsgirls). If there isn’t any event planned in your city and you feel like organizing one yourself, check out the guides.


co-up is a coworking space located in Kreuzberg providing desks, wi-fi and a friendly atmosphere for independent workers. They host our organization meetings and most of the workshops as well. If you’re working in Berlin, you should definitely check it out, the office is really awesome. Also, they host a lot of other events too, follow them on Twitter (@co_up) to know what’s planned next.

Travis CI

Travis CI helps teams and developers build, test, and deploy awesome software for their customers and community. With 30 different languages and Linux, macOS/iOS, and Docker environments, Travis CI supports diverse projects and organizations from all across the industry.

HTW Berlin

Over 150 years ago, Ada Lovelace, history's first programmer, proved that computer science and women are outstandingly well-matched. The University of Applied Sciences in Berlin offers a full-time bachelor program specifically for women in Computer Science and Economics. The program is based on the latest innovative learning and teaching methods, for example practical project work and hackathons as well as e-learning and compact courses


Posteo is an independent email service based in Berlin. We are highly concerned with sustainability, security, privacy and usability. Posteo is completely ad-free and 100% powered by green energy from Greenpeace Energy. We advocate for “informational self-determination”: In these times of network surveillance, Posteo protects the privacy of its users with a modern and innovative encryption and security model.


We love Ruby and are honored to support the Rails Girls Berlin and Ruby Berlin. ikusei is a web agency based in Kreuzberg. We aim at providing the best workplace for developers and delivering great value to our clients. Check us out if you are looking for a job or a (paid) internship.

Support Rails Girls Berlin

If you like what we’re doing, you can now support us with a donation. Since our events are free to attend, we need support from sponsors to provide food, drinks, snacks and to celebrate our learning success with an after-party.

You can now become a sponsor as well and help women getting excited about programming.

Thank you for supporting Rails Girls Berlin!

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